How to Use a Hot Air Brush to Curl Hair ?

Hair dryer brush is a hot brush,but it can work like a curling iron. There are two types. One is traditional hot air brush. And the other is multi in one hair blow and curling brush.If you are tired of keeping so many hair tools, try the hot brush. It will offer you the functions of blowing,brushing and curling. How to use a hot air brush to curl hair? Here is the step-by-step guidance.

Preparing Your Hair

The secret to lasting curls begins with properly prepped hair. Start by washing your hair with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner to add body. Towel-dry your hair to remove excess moisture. Then apply a heat protectant to safeguard your strands from heat exposure. Comb through to ensure even distribution.

Choose the Suitable Hot Air Brush

Choosing the right hot air brush is essential. For tight curls, opt for a brush with a smaller barrel. For looser waves, a larger barrel will be more suitable. The tool with ceramic technology helps reduce frizz by distributing heat evenly. And it releases negative ions. Adjustable temperature settings are also important. As fine or damaged hair is more susceptible to heat damage. What’s more, it’s better to buy 5-in-1 hot brush. Because it has most functions of styling tool. This will save you money and store space.

Steps to Curl Hair with a Hot Air Brush

Section Your Hair

Begin by dividing your hair into manageable sections. Use clips to section off the top layers of your hair, leaving the bottom layer free.

Dry and Detangle

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Ensure your hair is around 80% dry before using your hot air brush. Detangle each section with a wide-tooth comb to prevent snagging.

Position the Brush

Hold the hot air brush to your hair roots and allow the warm air to lift the hair, adding volume from the bottom up.

Curling Technique

Once at the ends, start rolling the brush back up towards your scalp, holding it in place for a few seconds to set the curl. Repeat this process section by section until all hair is curled.

Set the Curls

After you’ve worked through your hair sections, give your head a gentle shake. Let the curls naturally fall into place. You can use a light-hold hairspray to set the look.

Cool Down

Allow your hair to cool completely. This step is crucial, as it helps set the curls and adds to their longevity.

a gril curl hair with 5-in-1 hair dryer brush

Conducting the Wrap-and-Cool Method

For longer-lasting curls, you might opt for the wrap-and-cool method

– Hold a section of hair taut and wrap it around the hot air brush.

– Allow the warm air to blow through for about ten seconds.

– Carefully remove the brush while keeping the curl intact with your fingers.

– Pin the curl to your scalp and allow it to cool completely before releasing it.


Curling iron might cause hair damage, but the hot brush won’t. You can curl your hair and make it look fuller and shinier by using a hot air brush. To get the best results, you should prepare your hair, choose the right hot air brush, and use the correct skills. This will give you beautiful and healthy-looking curls. Using a hot air brush is a gentler way to style your hair compared to traditional curling irons. It can still give you the curls and style you want, but with less damage. You can use a hot air brush for everyday styling or for special occasions. It’s a versatile tool that can transform your hair and give you great results. So go ahead, give your hair the curl it craves with the caring touch of a hot air brush.

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