Can You Use a Hot Air Brush on Wet Hair?

Many peope say that hot air brushes can’t use on wet hair. As tratitional hot brush does not have the drying power of a regular blow dryer. They suggest you to air dry or blow dry your hair at least 80% of the way before picking up your hot brush. This helps to avoid any hair damage. But when you have a device with both functions of blowing and brusing, everything changes. This is the 5-in-1 hair dryer brush for drying, and styling. So can you use a hot air brush on wet hair? The answer is sure. If you’re considering using this tool on wet hair, here’s what you need to know.

Understanding Dampness Levels

Sopping Wet Hair

This is when your hair is freshly washed and dripping water. Applying a hot air brush directly on sopping wet hair is a definite no-no. The excessive heat will scorch your wet strands. It will causes severe damage and weakens the hair.

Damp Hair

After towel drying, your hair transitions from sopping wet to damp – slightly wet but not dripping. At this moisture level, some hot air brushes can be safely used. Manufacturers often specify if their brush is suitable for damp hair. Always refer to the manual before proceeding. If you have multi-function in one device, fix the blow nozzle and blow the hair freely.

Towel-Dried Hair

If not, your hair should be dried with towel or a regular hair dryer to remove excess water. Let it air dry a bit further to reach the optimal dampness level for styling.

A woman is drying her hair with a towel after taking a shower

Hot Air Brush Usage on Damp Hair: Dos and Don’ts


Do Choose the Right Brush

Ensure that the hot air brush is designed for use on damp hair. Look for models with features like ionic technology and multiple heat settings to tailor the drying and styling to your hair type.

Do Use a Heat Protectant.

Always apply a heat protectant spray or serum to your hair before using the hot air brush. This extra layer of protection can make a significant difference in preventing heat damage.

Do Be Gentle

Use the brush in a gentle manner without tugging or pulling on the hair. This will minimize potential breakage due to hair’s weakened state when damp.

Do Use the Appropriate Heat Setting

Start with the lowest setting and gradually increase the heat as needed. This helps mitigate the risk of heat damage and allows you to find the optimal temperature for your hair type.

Do Section Your Hair

Divide your hair into sections before styling. It ensures even drying and styling without overworking a particular section, which could result in damage.


Don’t Rush the Drying Process

Avoid using a hot air brush on too-wet hair. Patience is key; let your hair air dry a bit first. Your hair should ideally be about 80% dry before you attempt to style it with a hot air brush.

Don’t Ignore Your Hair Type

Those with fine or damaged hair need to be particularly cautious. Such hair types are more prone to heat damage. And the hot air brush’s heat may need to be dialed down or used less frequently.

Don’t Overuse

Cool down between passes with the brush and don’t linger too long in one section. Continuous heat on one spot can cause overheating and damage.

Don’t Skip Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your hot air brush will ensure even heat distribution. This prevents hair product buildup from burning onto your hair.

5-in-1 hot air brush, a woman as background

Protective Measures and Alternatives

Using a hot air brush on wet hair is not something to be taken lightly due to the potential risk of hair damage. When in doubt, consult with a professional hairstylist. They can provide personalized advice tailored to your hair type and condition. Salon-grade tools used by professionals work more safely and effectively on damp hair.

If looking for alternatives, you can use wet-to-dry straighteners and dryers. They are specifically for use on damp hair. These might be a wiser choice for those who are adamant about styling right after washing their hair. Whatever you choose, it’s top priority to protect your hair.


It is not simple matter to say “you can use hot air brush on your wet hair”. You should understand the vulnerability of wet hair and follow the appropriate steps. Make all the difference in maintaining hair health while achieving the desired style. The key to effective and safe hair styling is a combination of the right tool, correct usage, and conscientious care. With the proper precautions, hot air brushing can be a valuable addition to your hair styling at home.

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