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This automatic curling iron is a hair styling tool designed to create curls and waves in your hair effortlessly and efficiently. Unlike traditional manual curling irons, the automatic variant simplifies the curling process, reducing the chances for hair damage and ensuring consistent results. Here is a brief description of the key features and how it works:


The automatic curling iron has a 22mm barrel, which made of aluminium. So it heats up to a specific temperature quickly. These materials help distribute heat evenly, ensuring that your hair doesn’t get damaged by excessive heat.

Rotating mechanism

One of the distinctive features of an automatic curling iron is its rotating mechanism. Furthermore, it works under your control, allowing you to effortlessly create beautiful, uniform curls. Best curling is to  rotate around 12 seconds. This feature allows the barrel to twirl around your hair section, wrapping it to create the desired curl.

Clamp Structure of curling iron

The clamp holds your hair in place as the automatic curling iron rotates, preventing it from slipping out. This model has a clip design. What you do is to put the hair against the barrel. It’s quite different from the hot air brush with curling function.

Intelligent Controls

The automatic curling iron comes with controls to adjust temperature settings, rotation speed, and direction. It allows you to customize your curls according to your hair type and desired style.


This model comes with an auto-shutoff design. It turns off automatically if it doesn’t work in one hour. This is designed for  reducing the risk of accidents and energy wastage.


To use an automatic curling iron, you simply need to section your hair, adjust the temperature and other settings as needed. In brief, you just place the hair section between the clamp and barrel, and start the rotation mechanism. The iron will then do the work for you, creating beautiful curls in just a few seconds.

Automatic curling irons are a popular choice for those who want to achieve professional-looking curls quickly and with minimal effort.

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